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Conditions of use

The collections of the Simon Wiesenthal Archive are basically accessible for general research. However, the archive complies with Austrian regulations applying to the protection of individuals and a 30-year period of restricted access.

Since the work of archiving Simon Wiesenthal’s files is still in progress, we can presently offer only limited enquiry service and provide only restricted access to our records and the electronic database. We cannot guarantee access to all materials, as some may be covered by Data Protection or confidentiality regulations.

The Simon Wiesenthal Archive may be visited by anyone with an interest in the records, but we prefer people to make an appointment, providing us with precise information about the aim of their research, so that we can help determine which sources will be of most use to them.

Enquiries on the phone can be made Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.



Documentation Center of the Association
of Jewish Victims of the Nazi Regime
Simon Wiesenthal Archive

Salztorgasse 6/IV/5
A-1010 Vienna

Tel: +43-1-5339805
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Photograph copyrights

Unfortunately not all holders of photograph copyrights could be traced. In case of copyright infringements, the Simon Wiesenthal Archive will meet legitimate claims upon notification.